Crack Cocaine And Social Security Disability

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Crack cocaine usage can have a dramatic effect upon a Social Security disability claim. It can turn what would otherwise be a good Social Security disability claim into one that will lose.

The rule is that you cannot get Social Security disability benefits because of a substance abuse disorder such as crack addiction. You can, however, be approved for Social Security disability benefits even if you are a crack addict if your other health problems are disabling without consideration of the drug abuse or alcoholism.

In practice, it is difficult to separate out how much of a person’s health problems are due to substance abuse. This is especially the case when the other health problem is psychiatric and that is usually the case. There is a high degree of correlation between substance abuse and bipolar disorder. Social Security does not question that bipolar disorder can be disabling but how do you tell how bad a person’s bipolar disorder is if they are regularly using crack cocaine?

If you are a crack addict who has filed or wants to file a Social Security disability claim, get off crack! Get in detox. Don’t know where to go for detox? Show up at the nearest emergency room and tell them you want to get in detox to get off crack. They’ll help you. Get in Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Stay clean. Do that and we may have a reasonable chance of winning your case. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that Social Security won’t know you’re using. Social Security will have your medical records. Your crack problem will be all over your medical records.

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