Continuing Disability Law Facts

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There are some continuing disability law facts you need to know if you are on Social Security disability benefits.

  • You will be reviewed periodically to determine whether you remain disabled;
  • You will be reviewed only once every seven years if Social Security thinks your condition is not expected to improve;
  • You will be reviewed once every three years if Social Security thinks your condition may improve;
  • You may be reviewed at any point if Social Security thinks your condition can be expected to improve;
  • You should only be cut off benefits if you are medically improved to the point that you can work.

But these continuing disability law facts only tell you part of the story. Social Security does not have enough employees to do these reviews in the manner in which they should be done. For all except those who are expected to improve, the “review” is likely to be no more than a form you receive in the mail. Unless you report something that tells Social Security you are better, you probably will hear no more about the “review.”

These continuing disability law facts do not deal with cases in which a claimant returns to work. That is a different process. Anyone receiving Social Security disability benefits who returns to work should report this fact to Social Security. Social Security should give a written receipt for any report of return to work.

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