Chronic Pain Disability

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Chronic PainYou can get chronic pain disability benefits from Social Security. In fact, chronic pain produces a lot of disability and leads to Social Security approving a lot of disability claims.

You should have no illusion that it is easy to be approved for chronic pain disability benefits. Pain cannot be measured. Only the person suffering the pain can perceive it in any way. The rest of the world cannot see, hear, smell, taste or feel your pain in any way. In Social Security’s view that means that anyone can say they are in pain and demand disability benefits. Social Security tries to look for objective evidence of chronic pain disability when that objective evidence cannot exist.

Although difficult, it is certainly not impossible to get chronic pain disability benefits from Social Security. It helps if you are under medical care. It helps, in particular, if you are under specialized pain management. It helps if you are under psychiatric care. Why psychiatric care? Wouldn’t severe chronic pain make anyone depressed? Don’t be insulted by the idea that you may need psychiatric care as an adjunct to your pain management. It just goes with the territory.

At the Charles T. Hall Law Firm, we represent many clients with chronic pain disability claims. Contact us if you would like a free assessment of your chronic pain disability claim.

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