Can You Get Social Security Disability If You Lose An Arm Or A Leg?

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Question: Can you get Social Security disability if you lose an arm or a leg?

Answer: Maybe,  but there’s no guarantee.

If we are talking about the loss of a leg due to trauma — that is some sort of accident, probably you won’t get Social Security disability unless there’s some extra problem, such as severe pain in the aftermath of the injury — and that happens to some people after they lose a leg — or trouble wearing a prosthesis.  Most people do pretty well with a prosthesis after leg amputation, better than you might think. We don’t see many people filing disability claims based upon a leg amputation due to trauma.

If we are talking about the loss of part of a leg due to diabetes, it’s a different matter. Diabetes that has damaged a person to the point that they lose part of a leg is a serious matter. Claimants in this situation usually fare well with Social Security disability claims.

Your chances of getting on Social Security disability due to an arm amputations may vary depending upon your age. If you are 50 or older, your chances are better. Certainly, if you have a pain problem in the wake of an arm amputation, you will have a good chance of being approved.

In any case, people who have had an amputation often have other health problems. These other health problems, when added to their amputation may be enough to prove disability.

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