Can I Get Social Security Disability If I Am In School?

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Question: Can I get Social Security disability if I am in school?

Answer: Yes. Attending school has no direct effect upon receiving Social Security disability benefits.

I cannot say that it is impossible that an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) at Social Security would think that if you can attend school that you wouldt be able to work. You never know what might go through another person’s mind. However, there is no Social Security policy that makes a person attending school ineligible for Social Security disability benefits.

A person who is disabled may be going back to school in order to eventually return to work. The person would realize that they need an education in order to work with the sort of impairments they have. There are far more sedentary jobs available if you can read and write and do basic math. If anything, Social Security should encourage disabled people to return to school.

Some disabled people return to school mostly so they get out of the house on a regular basis. This sort of schooling, usually very much part time, definitely should not interfere with your Social Security disability claim.

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