Can I Get Social Security Disability For Syringomyelia?

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Question: Can I get Social Security disability for syringomyelia?

Answer: Yes, you probably can get Social Security disability for syringomyelia. Syringomyelia and the Chiari malformations that often lead to syringomyelia are very serious medical conditions. Those suffering from these problems usually have strong Social Security disability claims, although ones that Social Security may not immediately approve. I have had to take several of these cases to Administrative Law Judge hearings after Social Security had twice denied the claims. It’s uncommon, thank goodness, but not that rare when you’re talking about Social Security disability hearings.

If you’re wondering what syringomyelia is, take a look at that MRI image to the left. That darker tube going down the middle of the spine is the spinal cord. Notice the lighter lozenge shaped area in the middle of the spinal cord towards the bottom of this image? That area is what physicians call a syrinx.  It’s a cyst. It’s not supposed to be there. It can grow over time. It causes damage to the spinal cord and, obviously, spinal cord damage is a very bad thing.

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