Can I Get Social Security Disability For Scoliosis?

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Question: Can I get Social Security disability for scoliosis?

Answer: Maybe, depending upon how bad it is and some other factors, such as your age.

Like most medical conditions, scoliosis can be mild or severe or anywhere in between. There are some people with mild scoliosis who would never know they had anything wrong with their back if a doctor hadn’t noticed it on an x-ray done for another purpose. If you’re not having symptoms from scoliosis, I can’t get you Social Security disability for it. Of course, there are others with severe scoliosis who have known about the problem almost their entire life, people with severe symptoms, people who can be diagnosed with scoliosis without any x-ray because their bodies are so obviously twisted. These folks qualify easily for Social Security disability.

Most cases I see fall somewhere in between. I think what I see mostly are people who have scoliosis that could have been treated surgically in childhood but which wasn’t or people who have moderate scoliosis that would not have been treated surgically but which has led to disk problems and arthritis problems as the person ages.

Even in the mildest cases, scoliosis is not good and can lead to problems down the line. Treatment can be difficult or impossible.

We represent people who are disabled by scoliosis. We will be happy to talk with you about your Social Security disability claim. We represent claimants over a wide area of North Carolina. Whether you live in Raleigh or Chocowinity, Greensboro or Faison, we can help.

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