Can I Get Social Security Disability For Sarcoidosis

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Sarcoidosis Granuloma Seen Under A Microscope

Question: Can I get Social Security disability for sarcoidosis?

Answer: As almost always, the answer has to be “maybe.”

Sarcoidosis is highly variable. It can range from nothing more than an incidental finding on a chest x-ray that never gives a person the slightest difficulty to a disease that kills. It all depends upon where you are on that spectrum of severity. I see a fair number of people who have sarcoidosis but no symptoms. I see only a few who have severe sarcoidosis.

The interesting thing about sarcoid is that I have heard a rumor, which I cannot confirm, that sarcoidosis is much more common in North Carolina than in other parts of the country. There is research from Switzerland and Ireland showing significant regional differences in incidence rates for sarcoidosis.

Sarcoidosis affects people in very different ways. It most commonly affects the lungs but can affect the liver or kidneys or heart or any other internal organ. It can affect the eyes and lead to blindness.

When I look at sarcoidosis cases, I look to see whether the patient is seeing a specialist, probably a rheumatologist. Sarcoidosis treated only be a family doctor is not likely to be that serious. I also look to see if the patient is taking Prednisone on a long term basis. Prednisone is not prescribed lightly for long term usage. The side effects are way too dangerous. It is highly useful in treating aggressive cases of sarcoidosis. Of course, I also look at the person’s background, particularly their age, which always makes a big difference at Social Security.

We would be happy to evaluate your sarcoidosis case. Contact us today. We represent Social Security disability claimants from Mocksville to Macclesfield, from Robbins to Rocky Mount.

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