Can I Get Social Security Disability For Panic Disorder?

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Question: Can I get Social Security disability for panic disorder?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to get Social Security disability for panic disorder.

Panic attacks are well known as overwhelming, terrifying events. No one works through a panic attack. Frequent panic attacks make any regular work impossible. Indeed, most people who have a serious panic disorder seldom leave their house and then only if they have a security figure, such as a spouse, child, parent, sibling or close friend with them.

You should be aware that many people who think they have had or are having panic attacks really aren’t. They’re not trying to fool anyone. Someone just mentioned the term “panic attack” to them and they picked up on it. I’m not going into the details since I’m not trying to coach anyone on how to feign something but there is a big difference between an anxiety attack and a panic attack. Severe anxiety can certainly be disabling but panic attacks exist on a different plane.

Panic attacks are frequently but not invariably associated with bipolar disorder. The panic attacks that often accompany bipolar disorder may be the most disabling part of bipolar disorder for many people.

If you have panic attacks, you should be under psychiatric care and you should tell your psychiatrist about the panic attacks. I have certainly seen over the years that people often are embarrassed by their panic attacks and don’t even want to tell their psychiatrist. If you are telling a Social Security Administrative Law Judge about panic attacks but not your psychiatrist, the judge is likely to wonder if you are telling him or her the truth.

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