Can I Get Social Security Disability For Hearing Loss?

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Question: Can I get Social Security disability for hearing loss?

Answer: Maybe, but it will have to be very bad. I am sorry to have to say that Social Security’s criteria for evaluating hearing loss are extremely stiff. I have had hearings over the years where I and the judge hearing the case both had to yell at my client so that he or she could understand. I can recall being asked by someone in an adjoining office why I was yelling at my client. I was yelling but not because I was mad. I was just trying to be heard!

Don’t get too discouraged. Some of these cases involved claimants who refused to wear their hearing aids. I can’t get very far with a hearing loss case if you refuse to wear a hearing aid that would help you. Also, many people who have suffered a severe hearing loss are older and have other health problems. Add some arthritis and some diabetes to the hearing loss, for instance, and you may have a good case. In many cases, perhaps most, people who are approved for Social Security disability have multiple health problems.

Contact us. We’ll be happy to evaluate your case. We’ll yell at you if we have to.

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