Can I Get Social Security Disability For Burns

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Question: Can I get Social Security disability for burns?

Answer: Yes, you can get Social Security disability for burns if you will be disabled for at least a year by the burns.

Except for the most extreme cases, burn patients get stabilized within a lot less than a year so the question is whether the person remains disabled after the initial acute phase of treatment. Burns are certainly do this. There may be an ongoing series of operations that lasts more than a year or the burns may have left the victim with such severe problems with adhesions and contractures that they are unable to work. There may be associated lung or other internal organ damage. Severe disfigurement may leave the burn victim unwilling to leave the house. There may be psychiatric problems in the wake of the burns that leave the person disabled.

It is impossible to generalize about burn cases since each one is unique. We do not see these cases every day but we certainly handle them. Do not be too discouraged if Social Security turns you down for disability based upon burn injuries. Often, these decisions are overturned on appeal.

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