Can I Get Social Security Disability For A Vocal Cord Problem?

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Question: Can I get Social Security disability for a vocal cord problem?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. It all depends upon the severity of the problem.

If you have any sort of vocal cord or speech problem of any sort that completely prevents you from speaking in an understandable way, you should certainly qualify for benefits.

If you have a speech problem that makes it difficult for you to be understood or which makes it painful and difficult for you to speak, you may qualify for disability benefits. Like almost everything else, it all depends upon the severity of the problem. Your age, education and work experience matter also as would any other health problems that you may have.

I have represented clients who got on Social Security disability for focal dysphonia and spasmodic dysphonia. I have also had a number of clients who had had laryngectomies due to cancer or whose vocal cords had been badly damaged by surgery for other throat cancer. Many people do work despite this sort of history so a victory is not automatic but these cases are usually received sympathetically by Social Security’s Administrative Law Judges.

The bottom line is that if your vocal problems are keeping you from working, you should certainly file a claim for Social Security disability. We’ll be happy to — I won’t say talk with  you since you may not be able to talk with us very well — communicate with you about your case.

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