Can I Get Social Security Disability For A Latex Allergy?

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Question: Can I get Social Security disability for a latex allergy?

Answer: Yes, but it would have to be a terribly severe latex allergy.

Latex allergies are not unusual. Unfortunately, latex is everywhere. As I sit in my office, I know it’s in the carpet under my feet, in the paint on the walls, in the finish on my desk and other furniture in my office, in the covering on the chair on which I sit and goodness knows how many other places around me. It’s certainly in the air surrounding me. At that, an office, such as mine, does not present as big a latex exposure as a medical facility. Hospitals and other medical facilities seem to be where people develop the most severe latex allergies.

Latex allergies can certainly cause severe symptoms and latex is all over the place. Still, most people with latex allergies can control their symptoms with simple steps. A hospital employee can start using latex free gloves, for instance. If that is not enough, the person can just stop working in a hospital. However, if that is still not enough and the ordinary office or industrial setting is still too polluted by latex, it is possible to get on Social Security disability for a latex allergy. It does have to be quite severe and you will need proof of this. Your allergist will need to put this in writing.

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