Can I Get Social Security Disability For A Herniated Disk?

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Question: Can I get Social Security disability for a herniated disk?

Answer: Very possibly.

A disk is a leathery bag filled with a jelly like material that lies between the vertebrae, that is the bones in our spines. The disk is a shock absorber and cushion between these bones. The disk can get a weak spot in its side which bulges out more and more. When the bulge gets large, it is called a herniated disk, that is a disk with a hernia in its side. The problem with a herniated disk is that everything is pretty tight in the spine. There’s little room for a herniated disk to just push out. It generally ends up pressing on one of the nerves that branch out to the body. The nerve does not like being pressed upon. This causes pain. The odd thing is that the pain is not felt so much at the area of the herniated disk as at the area that the nerve serves. In the low back, this is called sciatica. It doesn’t have any special name when it’s in the neck but it still hurts — generally in the shoulders or arms.

Social Security doesn’t make it easy to get paid based upon pain, whether it’s due to a herniated disk or something else. Being over 50 or, better yet, over 55 helps, since age makes a big difference to Social Security. Regular medical care helps. Your medical history certainly matters, as does the opinions of your treating physicians.

At the Charles T. Hall Law Firm, we help people with disability claims based upon herniated disks. We represent claimants over a wide area of North Carolina. From Siler City to Sanford, from Mebane to Morehead City, give us a call for help with your Social Security disability claim.

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