Can I Get Social Security Disability For A Hernia?

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Question: Can I get Social Security disability for a hernia?

Answer: Only in an extreme case.

I am writing here about abdominal hernias. Herniated disks, for instance, are something else altogether.

Hernias are a fairly common medical problem. A simple little operation takes care of the problem and you’re as good as news. That’s the way it’s supposed to work and the way it generally does work — but not always. Sometimes the surgical repair just doesn’t take. Sometimes the second and third hernia operations don’t work either and the patient is left with a painful hernia and a lot of scar tissue. These cases aren’t common but they do happen.

Most of the hernia cases that I’ve seen win have been ventral hernias. Perhaps these are the hardest to treat. They are certainly less common than inguinal or umbilical hernias.

When I look at a hernia case, I want to know how many operations the person has had, whether they are still under treatment, what sort of symptoms the person has and whether more surgery is planned.

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