Can I Get Social Security Disability For A Hand Injury?

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Question: Can I get Social Security disability for a hand injury?

Answer: Maybe. Isn’t that the way with lawyers; we never give a straight answer! Let me lay out the bad and the good about hand injury cases:

  • If the hand injury is going to heal in less than a year, you’re going to be denied on duration, since disability has to last a year to get Social Security disability.
  • If you’re over 50 your chances are better. If you’re over 55 your chances are much better. Under 50, it’s really tough to win a hand injury case.
  • If it is both hands that are injured, your chances are much, much better even if you’re under 50 — as long as you meet or will meet the one year duration requirement.
  • If you have other injuries, your chances may be better, depending upon the extent of the other injuries.
  • If your hand injury is causing chronic, severe pain, your chances of success are better.

Each case is unique. Contact us so we can evaluate your case.

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