Can I Get Social Security Disability For A Fatty Liver?

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A fatty liver at the microscopic level. I think the white areas are the fat.

Question: Can I get Social Security disability for a fatty liver?

Answer: Probably not if that is all that is wrong with you but there’s probably more.

The two most common causes of a fatty liver are diabetes and alcoholism.

Alcoholism casts a dark shadow over any Social Security disability claim. You are not supposed to be denied simply because you are an alcoholic. If you have health problems that cannot be resolved by stopping drinking, those are supposed to be considered. Fortunately, if your fatty liver is caused by alcoholism, stopping drinking will probably allow your liver to heal. If your liver has gone past the point that stopping drinking will solve the problem, you may be approved for Social Security disability but if your liver is that far gone, you’re almost certain to have some liver diagnosis that goes beyond “fatty liver.” Also, if you have a fatty liver caused by alcoholism, you probably have other health problems.

With a fatty liver caused by diabetes, you do not have a dark cloud hanging over your Social Security disability claim. However, in general, a diagnosis of fatty liver isn’t likely to get you far, in and of itself. If your liver is bad enough that you are likely to be approved for Social Security disability, you will probably have a liver biopsy and  be diagnosed with something more severe than just “fatty liver.” However, if diabetes has caused you to have a fatty liver, the diabetes has probably done other damage to your body. Putting it all together, you may be found disabled.

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