Can I Get Social Security Disability Because Of A Stroke?

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Question: Can I get Social Security disability because of a stroke?

Answer: Possibly. I all depends upon how badly the stroke affects you.

Strokes, what doctors call Cerebrovascular Accidents (CVAs), vary from something that causes only mild symptoms that disappear over a few weeks all the way up to something that puts a person into a chronic vegetative state or kills them.

Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIAs) are not really strokes. They’re caused by some temporary problem with blood flow to a part of the brain. I suppose that TIAs, if they were frequent enough and severe enough, could be disabling but that is unlikely. Usually, TIAs can be brought under control with medications. If they cannot be brought under control, the patient is likely to have a full-blown stroke anyway.

A stroke can affect a person in many different ways. One side of the body may become weak and uncoordinated. The ability to speak or understand speech my be affected. The ability to think and remember may be affected. The stroke victim’s personality may even change. Any of these may qualify a person for Social Security disability benefits.

When a person files a Social Security disability claim shortly after having a stroke, Social Security typically sits on the case for several months. This is deliberate. They want to see if you get better. If you get a lot better, they turn you down. If you remain severly disabled, they approve you. There are plenty of cases where Social Security turns down a stroke victim who has serious, permanent impairment as a result of a stroke.

If you have had a stroke, we would be happy to talk with you about a Social Security disability claim.

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