Can you get Social Security Disability benefits for your condition?

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In almost every case, no matter what the disease is, the answer is the same — “Maybe. It just depends upon how badly you are affected by the disease.” One example might be cancer. The word “cancer” is scary, but there are many cancers which can be treated and cured quickly, with little or no lasting damage. On the other hand, there are cancers which cause great suffering and even death. The question considered by the SSA in each case is, “How sick is this particular individual with cancer and how long is this person going to remain sick?” Skin diseases are another example. Most skin diseases, while annoying, are not disabling. On the other hand, there are some uncommon skin problems which are clearly disabling. Almost without exception, the mere fact that you have a disease with a certain name does not guarantee that you either will or will not be found disabled. It all depends upon your particular condition and degree of illness.

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