But I Thought I Was Being Represented By An Attorney!

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Non-attorneys are allowed to represent Social Security claimants. Basically, there are no minimum standards. You too might represent Social Security claimants!

I often encounter a former client of one of these non-attorneys who did not realize that the person representing them had not been an attorney. They seem annoyed to find out that the person who had been representing them was not an attorney. Of course, the fact that the person is seeing me tells you that things probably didn’t go that well when the non-attorney was representing the person.

Why would someone go to a non-attorney? Beats me. The fee will be the same if you win. Wouldn’t you want someone representing you who went to four years or college followed by four years of law school and then studied to take and pass the bar exam instead of, how shall I put it, a question mark?

It’s your choice. It’s your case. If you’re looking at websites, look to see the words “attorney” and “lawyer” and “law firm.” If you don’t see at least one of these words, keep looking, because you’re wont’ be represented by a lawyer. Don’t hire people who label themselves as Social Security “advocates” or “representatives.” Anyone can call themselves an advocate or representative. Don’t get fooled by a business name such as “Smith & Smith.” Anyone can put an ampersand between two names. That doesn’t make it a law firm.

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