Bipolar Disorder II

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Bipolar IIBipolar disorder II is a common basis for Social Security disability claims. At the Charles T. Hall Law Firm, we see a lot of these cases, perhaps as many as we see of any disease. Typically, Social Security denies these cases at the initial and reconsideration levels but, with help, the claimant stands a good chance of winning once the case is heard by an Administrative Law Judge.

There are some things you can do to help your chances of winning Social Security disability benefits based upon bipolar II disorder. First, get under psychiatric care and stay under regular psychiatric care for your bipolar II disorder. If you’re not under psychiatric care, Social Security won’t say it but they’ll think “If he or she has such a bad problem with bipolar disorder II, why isn’t he or she under psychiatric care?” You don’t want Social Security thinking about that question. You can get and stay under psychiatric care for bipolar disorder II even with no money. Contact us and we’ll talk with you about it.

Second, avoid substance abuse. Substance abuse makes your bipolar disorder II much harder to treat, much harder to live with, and it makes it much tougher to win a Social Security disability claim. Don’t get too discouraged if you have some history of substance abuse. If you’ll just stay clean now, you’ll be in much better shape on your Social Security disability claim. Don’t think that you can keep Social Security in the dark about your substance abuse. Social Security will get the medical records about your bipolar disorder II. If you’re abusing alcohol or drugs, it’s going to be all over your medical records.

Third, admit to yourself that you’re going to need some help with your Social Security disability claim. It’s tough enough without suffering from bipolar disorder II but with a chronic psychiatric disorder it’s almost impossible to effectively pursue a Social Security disability claim.

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