Autism Disability Benefits

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There are autism disability benefits that one can get from Social Security. These are also available for the variety of autism known as Asperger’s Syndrome. This is important for those with autism or Asperger’s syndrome but maybe even more important for their parents. The big worry for the parents of those with autism or Asperger’s syndrome is what will happen to their child when they are no longer around. Getting on autism disability benefits at least solves the money side of this problem.

Those who need autism disability benefits usually have not worked or have worked only a little so the main autism disability benefits available are Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a needs based program. SSI is available for children, depending upon their parent’s income, and to adults based upon their own income. If the parents of a person with autism or Asperger’s syndrome have too much income for the child to qualify for benefits while under 18, the problem disappears once the child turns 18, unless the child has significant income or resources of his or her own.

There are other Social Security autism disability benefits beyond SSI. If the person with autism or Asperger’s syndrome has worked they may qualify for Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) based upon their own earnings. It may not take much in the way of earnings to qualify if the person is still young. Perhaps more important is Disabled Adult Child  (DAC) benefits. To get these Social Security autism disability benefits, the person must have become disabled before age 22 — which is generally not hard to prove it autism or Asperger’s syndrome cases — and be the child of a person who is either on Social Security benefits or died after paying in enough Social Security taxes. The great thing about DAC is that it is not a needs based program. That may not sound too important until you think about parents who want to leave money in their will for their autistic child. That money would make the child ineligible for SSI but would not disturb the DAC.

Getting autism disability benefits is very important for the person with autism or Asperger’s syndrome and for their family. It’s also a bit complicated. There’s more than one type of disability benefit involved. I also have to tell readers that Social Security does not automatically approve claims for autism disability benefits, particularly for those with Asperger’s syndrome. Social Security has been studying autism disability benefits recently, but unless the autism is profound, you’re probably better off to hire an attorney.

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