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Disability Benefits In NC

Mar 08, 2011 No Comments by

There are many types of disability benefits in NC. I will start with a list of the types of Social Security disability benefits in NC and a very little information about each since if you are going to file for disability in NC you need to know about each of them: Disability Insurance Benefits — […]

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Federal Social Security Law

Mar 07, 2011 No Comments

The federal Social Security law has been on the books now for more than 75 years. It is the oldest and by far the most successful public benefits law. It is wildly popular with the public. Disability benefits were not added to the federal Social Security law until the 1950s but are now a huge […]

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NC Disability Lawyers

Mar 06, 2011 No Comments

You can choose from quite a number of NC disability lawyers to help you with your Social Security disability case. Whom should you hire? Here are some things to think about. NC disability  lawyers may do just Social Security or may do other types of practice as well. NC disability lawyers may represent just a […]

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Apply For Disability NC

Mar 05, 2011 No Comments

Many people ask how do you apply for disability NC? It does not matter what state you’re in, the application process is the same. You can start the ball rolling in one of four ways: You can call Social Security directly to set up an appointment to file your claim. You can file your claim […]

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Disability Law Suit

Mar 04, 2011 No Comments

You can file a disability law suit against Social Security. You have to meet certain requirements to do so: You have to go through the entire administrative process at Social Security before filing your disability law suit — the Initial level, Reconsideration level, Administrative Law Judge hearing level and Appeals Council level. You cannot skip […]

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Social Security Administrative Law Judges

Mar 03, 2011 No Comments

Social Security Administrative Law Judges, also known as ALJs, try to apply the complicated Social Security law to the cases of individual Social Security disability claimants. It is a difficult job since the laws are complicated and the cases are so varied. There are between 1,200 and 1,300 Social Security Administrative Law Judges. All are […]

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Disability Law

Mar 02, 2011 No Comments

Disability law is used to decide whether a person applying for Social Security disability benefits is disabled. Many people want to research federal disability law. There are many places to go to find federal disability law. The main source of disability law is the Social Security Act itself. Disability is defined by 42 U.S.C. 423(d) […]

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