Applying For SSI Disability

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Applying for SSI disability is not complicated — if you have some knowledge of how Social Security operates and if you are healthy. The problem is that the people who need to be applying for SSI disability have no idea how Social Security works and they are sick. It gets hard to do even simple things when you’re sick. That’s why so many people who are applying for SSI disability contact the Charles T. Hall Law Firm.

Applying for SSI disability requires that one contact Social Security to schedule an appointment to file a claim. While most other Social Security claims can be filed online, applying for SSI disability cannot be done this way. Applying for SSI disability  usually does not require that one go to a Social Security office in person — although it can be done that way. Usually an SSI claim can be taken over the telephone. After the telephone call, Social Security sends out a packet of items to sign. Once those items are signed and returned, the claim is filed. Do not forget — the claim is not filed and nothing will happen until those forms are returned.

When applying for SSI disability, do not get hung up on perfection. If you don’t remember the answer to a question that Social Security is asking, don’t worry too much about it. Just write down, “I don’t remember.” Usually, Social Security can figure out what they need to know without perfect information from you. If you remember something later, you can always call Social Security and let them know. I’ve seen people who have delayed for months and months before filing a claim because they did not think they were “ready.” You’re never really going to be ready because no one really wants to be applying for SSI disability. Get on with it! The longer you wait, the lighter your pockets will get. Many people wait to file a claim until all their money is gone and their family and friends are exhausted from helping them. Don’t wait until you’re homeless to file that claim! At best, it takes months to get approved. It can even takes years.

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