What Goes On At A Social Security Disability Hearing?

May 18, 2012 Comments Off by Charles Hall

It's Not Like This! I Swear!

Question: What goes on at a Social Security disability hearing?

Answer: I can assure you that what goes on at a Social Security disability hearing is a lot less scarey than you think. There’s no need to be like the lady pictured here. It’s not a math test! You aren’t going to get denied because you can’t remember the answer to a question. For most of the questions, it may be less a matter of what you say than how you answer the question — how you come across. You can’t control that.

Many of my clients thought they were just going to die because they were so nervous at their hearing. None has died yet at a hearing. I’ve never had EMTs called to a hearing.

The truth is that what goes on at a Social Security disability hearing is pretty straight forward. You’ll be asked to answer some questions. They’ll be pretty straight forward questions. We’ll probably start out very simply. What’s your name? What’s your address? What’s your date of birth? The hardest questions for most people concern their work history. People tend to forget who they worked for when, especially if they have been moving from job to job. We’ll then go into what’s disabling you and how it affects your life and your ability to work. You’re not likely to forget that, are  you? We’ll probably finish with you answering some questions about your daily routines, how much housework you do and so forth.

I tell people that having a Social Security disability hearing is about as stressful as getting your drivers license renewed.

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