Drop My Social Security Disability Case — I Have To Go Back To Work

Sep 27, 2011 Comments Off by Charles Hall

I often get a call from a client who wants to drop their Social Security disability case because they feel they have to go back to work. They are about to lose everything so they have to go back to work. I gently try to talk them down.

First, you don’t have to drop your Social Security disability claim to try to go back to work. You can continue on with your Social Security disability claim. As long as you don’t fib to Social Security about going back to work, you’re not going to get into trouble. Yes, going back to work can have an impact on your Social Security disability claim. It may even kill it depending upon how long you’re out of work before going back to work and how long you last once you go back but it probably won’t. We can deal with the consequences.

Second, most people who go back to work after filing a Social Security disability claim aren’t able to last long enough when they go back to work to ever cause a problem with the Social Security disability case. A short period of time back at work that ends because of your illness is called an Unsuccessful Work Attempt (UWA) and doesn’t hurt your case. If anything, it may make you look better because it shows just how much you wanted to return to work. There were strong reasons why you left work in the first place. Unless you’ve gotten better, you’re probably going to have major problems when you go back to work.

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